LED Fish Bite Alarm

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​​​​​​Attention Fishermen! Wish You Could Enjoy the Great Outdoors WITHOUT Missing the BIG Catch?

Free yourself from staring at 1 line. Set up 3 or 4 lines, and kick-back with a beer in your hand! Now doesn't that sound like a better way to fish?

Click Play to Hear the Fish Bite Alarm

  • Compatable - with every fishing rod.
  • ReliableThis alarm is sensitive enough to know when a fish is biting your line but uses innovative technology to tell the difference between other sounds of the sea. NO FALSE ALARMS!
  • Easy to Use - Powered by 3 LR44 batteries (included), clip the alarm on rod, wrap fishing line around trigger, then you can sit down and relax waiting for alarm. No tools required.
  • Never Miss a Bite - Sound and light alert triggered if there is a fish get hooked.
  • Reasonably Sensitive - Patent buffer technologyof fishing pole alarm can ignore most noise from current or wind, reduce false alarm in most conditions.
  • Fishing at Night - The led light fishing rods alarm gear enable you to enjoy fishing at night. Also suitable for sea fishing, ice fishing, fly fishing, bass fishing, trout fishing, kayak fishing and pier fishing.

"Has THIS Ever Happened to You Before?"...

You get your favorite fishing chair set up, tie the line through the hook, bust out the stinky worms and thread that bad boy like a silk worm. Lastly, you cast your pole and wait, and wait... and wait... THEN, you reel in your line ONLY to find out that there is NO MORE bait on your hook!

Now your worn is all eaten up wasting your bait, money and time, forcing you to hook another worm. Not to mention on your reel-in, the fish relocated as you disturbed the water. This problem is also something that beginner fisherman experience leading to frustration and giving up too early...

Nothing is more humiliating than having a fish on the line, and NOT knowing it! Right?


So... "HOW Do You Solve This?"

Let our Bite Alarm Alert You When You Have One on the Line!

The days of loosing your catches are over! This amazing alarm alerts you each and every time you have a bite on your line.

Our Fish Bite Alarm can work stably in outdoor humid environment. With loud alarm and bright LED flashlight, it enable you to handle multiple spread-out fishing poles at night!

Great For:

Watching multiple poles, night, early, sea, ice, fly, bass, trout, kayak, pier, and many other types of fishing...


Every fisherman knows that, reeling in a 10lb fighter is nothing without the memories you create with friends and family...

Let our Fish Bite Alarm ALERT you, when you have a fish on the line, allowing you to spend more quality time with the ones who matter most, without missing your catch.


Package Includes

  • 1 x Electronic Bite Alarm Fish Ringer (Battery Included)

  • 1 x Rubber Sleeve

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